Watching The Persuaders in class allowed me to really notice product placement in all types of media. Media such as commercials, television shows, movies, news broadcasts, etc. Product placement is extremely influential in the decisions we make, whether we care to admit it or not. Nowadays, ads in shows and movies are no longer subtle gestures to plant an idea to buy or continue to use a product. Now they pop up in every few scenes and you are aware of the advertisements.

Companies spend so much money to advertise their products in the best way to not only make money, but to get more people aware of their product which would make them more money as well.

It can be seen as deceptive because it is trying to trick customers to use a certain product, but I see it as extremely clever. Without even mentioning the product name, you can entice someone to buy or use a product. This shows how powerful product placement is in todays day and age.