There’s an awkward moment after you start a new job but before you really start doing that job. You look around and take a quick inventory: Am I all here? What is my actual daily work? Can I do this? OK, I can do this, but how?

Well, welcome to my awkward moment, my transition. Fusion hired me to build a bureau out here in San Francisco (well, Oakland) that would cover technology and the future. I’ve hired this killer team of journalists and artistswho are going to write stories, make events, and create a television show. You’ll meet them soon: Expect deep reporting, groundbreaking storytelling, hard-won insight, and wildly creative events.

However, for the time being, I’m all alone here in Oakland, California.

And I am watching lots of television.

I understand how to write stories for the web—that’s what I did at The Atlantic and before that at Wired—and I…

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